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Worries of the Weekend

As the weekend fast approaches I cannot help but feel so incredibly concerned for the obstacle that lies a head of me.  I have not spent and entire weekend sober in over 4 years.  Being an extremely social person I am always at brunches, dinners, bars, games, absolutely anything to get me out of the house.  And when I am not in the house I waste away my days enjoying movies and a glass of champagne or Sauv.  And by glass I mean one, two, or even three bottles throughout the entire day.  It is how I would pass my time and generally would spend Friday until late Sunday if not just drunk completely smashed.  My motto of “I Work to Live not Live to Work” rings in the back of my head which is why I would always be so occupied on the weekends.  

During the week has felt a lot easier to not a glass or bottle at night as being in Los Angeles I have a 12 hour day with traffic and work.  So being home only 3 hours before bed is just a fraction of the time I have to mentally not let myself go to the liquor store for a bottle.  Seeing as it will be a full 48 hours of my own time to say no… I am pretty worried.  

6 thoughts on “Worries of the Weekend

  1. Just remember, you work to live…you used to work to drink…you’re just correcting the confusion. What are other things you used to enjoy doing? Maybe you can rediscover a pastime. You can do this, believe in yourself.
    Jill blogging at

    1. Thanks Jill! I have told myself to just be out of the house as much as I can. Go hiking, run at the beach, farmers market etc… even considered buying a bike lol However, I really like your correction. Hadn’t thought of it like that – so thank you for that!!!

  2. I hear you. Weekends are brutal for me too. I just posted a bunch of bullshit things I’m going to try and turn to in order to keep myself occupied this weekend. Best of luck to you. For tonight, I’ve just decided to give into my tiredness and end the night early as hell!

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