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I will never forget my first drunk at age 14, however, I did forget years worth of life due to my alcoholism. At 25 I created this blog anonymously, to document my journey, to connect with like minds and souls, trying to manage on my own for fear of walking into a room to ask for help. At 31 I entered into my second treatment program and got sober. At 32 I had come to realize that I could no longer hide in the darkness and decided to own my story wholeheartedly by publishing my name. I’m here to share my experience, strength, hope, and heart – one day at a time.

“Share your truth. For that truth is only yours. If it goes unshared, it may fall in vain when you could have saved a life or two along the way.”

Bri Jean

2 thoughts on “about me

  1. Hi Drunkonsauv! I looked for an email address to write you but couldn’t find one so I am posting on here πŸ™‚

    I had tears in my eyes reading your blog as it sounded just like my journal entries. I am 28 and living in Florida. I have been drinking since I was 13 up until 6 days ago when for what seemed like the millionth time I said, “Enough is enough”. This time feels so different, though, as I am coming from a place of self-love rather than shame and hatred. 6 days in and I feel really happy and excited for the future! My party girl days ended when I was 24 once I met my now-husband and developed into a lovely habit of drinking nearly a bottle of Kim Crawford on the couch 4-5 nights a week. I thought that once I met Mr. Right I would be saved from myself but no, my drinking got worse. Although I wasn’t out at bars until 2am any longer, I was drinking almost every night. I was miserable, scared and hopeless yet just couldn’t get myself out of the vicious cycle- feeling shameful because of my drinking therefore needing a drink to numb the shame then feeling shameful again the next day.

    I am writing you to share a book that literally changed my life. It’s called “High: A Party Girls’ Guide to Peace” by Tara Bliss. She is 27 and living in Australia. The book is part memoir and part self-help. It really focuses on recovery coming from a place of self-love, rather than self hatred and shame. It was super inspiring to me to see how happy she was once she left her party girl identity behind. Reading this book actually got me super EXCITED to clean myself whereas other recovery books just made me feel full of self remorse and like I would be living in deprivation for the rest of my life.

    Approaching sobriety from a place of really wanting to take care of myself makes it so different this time. Berating ourselves gets us nowhere and just keeps us on the hamster wheel of guilt and shame and therefore needing another drink. A shiny sparkly life is possible for all of us!

    If you ever want a friend to talk to who is going through something similar, I would love that. I can be reached by the email address attached to this comment. I really admire your courage in writing this blog and sharing your pictures- you are a beautiful girl πŸ™‚ Sending you lots of good vibes and love for a beautiful 2015!

    ~Lauren C. from Florida

    1. Hello Lauren! What an amazing message to turn my phone on to today. Thank you so much for reaching out and sending me this comment.

      Boy have you hit the nail on the head. I can completely relate. I am so thrilled to hear about your change in mindset last week. I can say that today is my day three and i look forward to ringing in this new year sober! What it will feel like on January 1st sober is something i have not felt in atleast 10 years.

      I have searched for the book and am already in the process of reading it. I need, want and pine for the cycle of addiction to end. I am on my phone so i cannot see your email. But here is mine – drunkonsauv@gmail.com

      We cant do this alone. πŸ™‚ so if you need a friend to chat with dont hesitate to email me!

      Xo Sauvvy

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