Weak in the Knees

So today is not a good day.  Not a good day for that little devil – or as some refer to her “Wolfie”.  She is harping hard at me today and in my head I hate that I have put myself in this situation.  Some days are significantly easier than others and today is not one of those days.  I think about how bad of a day it has been and how amazing a glass or bottle or whatever would be when I get home.  Maybe it’s because I got into an argument last night and still feeling uncertain if its resolved completely I wish I could drink to forget about what had happened.  I know that this is what wine does to me and while writing right now I again realize that I use wine as a scapegoat.  I use wine to get away from how I feel in order to bury it, push it aside, and not deal with it.  This is not a good idea, yes I know.  And no I will not drink.  I will face going home – sober – ugh.  As awful as that sounds right now.  Don’t really have anything else to say today… other than… I WANT WINE!