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Still Sick

I am sitting here at 1:30 pm and I STILL feel awful after the weekend I have just had.  Been awake since 430 this morning just staring at the ceiling, finally about to go back to sleep and then SHAKE SHAKE the LA earthquake jolts me up.  Simply Awful.  I hurt my foot as well this weekend, how you ask?!  I have NO idea.  As I cannot remember.  If that doesn’t tell you about my weekend – I don’t know what will.  

I have learned over the past couple of weeks that “plans” are not something I should be doing right now.  I should have surrounded myself with my boyfriend and best friend and only them.  I should have not gotten so far away from my blog and all you wonderful people that got me through those 15 days.  I got distracted… lost my balance.  I am ready to get that back.  I am mentally ready for recovery (I saw that now, but I am still hungover).