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Light Bulbs

I was in such a nightmare yesterday I am so glad it is over.  I have been feeling very – blah – as you can tell from my post yesterday.  Gained weight, feeling fat, feeling gross, and sorry for myself.  When I awoke this morning and came to work I noticed a red mark on each of my hips…. Stretch marks.  UGH.  Just to top off my horrible feelings I have about myself and I have two new stretch marks.  It threw me into a whirlwind and then it hit me… that light bulb.  “JUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND STOP COMPLAINING!”   So I am.  I have opted to try a 30 day challenge (I cant fathom 100 so I am starting small). 

30 minutes of exercise – 6 days a week.  No added sugars.  Palm sized main meals.  2 Liters of water a day & No Alcohol. 

I have my first trip to Europe in exactly 37 Days and I will be damned if I am less that 100% comfortable going!  So bring it on 30 days!!  I’M READY!!!