::In my head this is being sung to some kind of fun melody. Be gone fun melody::

(Not 5 minutes after I posted the above statement did this article pop up on my Facebook feed. and just like that… melody be gone.)

18 thoughts on “No. No Wine.

  1. It does get easier, then it gets harder, then it gets easier again. But every time you go for a bit longer you build up your sober toolbox and the next time that voice starts singing in your head you are more able to ignore it. I’m on another Day 1 myself but thinking about my last Day 1 – 4 months ago, I am in a much better place, and with a better idea of what I need to do to make sure this time it sticks. And hey if we don’t keep trying we will never get there. If you wanted somewhere to chat I am a member of a great community called Living Sober super supportive and lots of people from different time zones so generally always someone there to lend some cyber support 🙂 Good luck, we can do it!

  2. Ten days I lasted then crash two days of intoxicating my liver. 500 down d drain. Worst hangover ever can’t remember a thing. Fooking hell this is torture

      1. I forgot how bad it feels d next day that suicidal feeling is nightmare alcohol is a nasty bastard

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