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Well hello sober world! It’s been far too long since I have posted, but I am here. I am not sober (still wanting to be very badly) so as I lay here I start over my sober clock. 🙂 I do believe sometimes people must practice quitting to quit. And I do believe my desire to be sober has been in me for so long it will one of these times stick.

I promise myself to post daily. To read blogs daily. And to truly give this a solid effort. I’m over the time wasted and spent on drinking and being remorseful about drinking then being remorseful about being remorseful (I think you get the picture.)

So to a positive attitude this time instead of writing in a very depressed state of mind as I generally do – here goes nothing!

10 thoughts on “Desire

  1. Desire doesnt get us anywhere. You need to take action.

    Go to a meeting, call a therapist, etc.

    I planned for years. It never worked until i actually put the plan in motion.

    You can do it!

  2. Hi! You’re basically where I am. While I’m not doing the 100 days now, I’m working up to it. I’ve some how cut my drinking to 1 day a week. I still hold on to that like a crutch, but eventually it will go to. Some of us have to practice a whole bunch to get where we need to go.

    1. Cb that’s amazing!!!! Congratulations! You are way a head of me sister! Hahaha. Today is day 3 and I actually haven’t thought about drinking since I stopped. 🙂 let’s hope this continues.

  3. I’m you – seriously! I’ve stopped SO many times, actually made it 100 days, but I keep failing to stay sober. I’m five days in right now, and I’m so sick and tired of drinking. I keep telling myself that one of these times, it’s really going to stick. Good luck to you!

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