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From Negative to Positive

As I sit here and reflect on the past couple of weeks I have had, one thing stands out the most.  I need to change the way I think and view where I am at in my life.

I am constantly thinking about what I have failed in instead of what I have succeeded in.  I am constantly thinking negatively instead of positively.  So today here it is.  I will move forward with a positive attitude.  I will think about how far I have come at the age of 26 and not what I have not done.

In the words of my fellow bloggers – I will think about what I CAN do – not what I CAN’T do.

9 thoughts on “From Negative to Positive

  1. Sobriety is an incredible journey of self discovery. I’d say you’re in the right area code in terms of your realizations thus far.

    For me, and most alcoholics from what I’ve observed and listened to, we have to take action in order for our thinking to change. Simply thinking about thinking differently doesn’t come as easy for us as it seems to for those that are normal drinkers. Taking the action to help others has always been beneficial for me. When I’m helping others, I’m helping myself by not think about me and only me. My whole outlook changes when I can be of service to others without expecting anything in return.

  2. This is a powerful shift. It sounds easy, but it isn’t.
    My therapist says unconditional self acceptance is the key. She is very right.

    It sounds silly, but if you wake up and tell yourself you love yourself, and do he same before bed, eventually you believe it. It worked for me, anyway.

    You are awesome!

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