10 thoughts on “Still Ready. Still Waiting.

  1. Hi Sauv. It’s me cb. I used to be over at 100daypledge. I closed that one and now am at undrunkpanda.wordpress.

    Anyway, I think our drinking is a lot alike. I’ve actually managed to put together some sober days due to health issues. First an ulcer. I just found out that I am prediabetic. You would think that would be enough to end the drinking entirely. Nope. I still struggle.

    This is my long, round about way to say that you’re not alone. We all struggle. Just keep at it. Practice makes perfect.

    1. Hi Cb! Nice to hear from you! Yes its a long long road. Sick to my stomach thinking about the last few months.. I met a girl last week who is 20 years old and is currently 1 year sober. i just looked at her in “aw”. :-/ one day i hope to say the same.

  2. I’m in your corner as well! I can manage a week at best lately. It’s like a hamster on a wheel… Spinning and spinning. Let’s keep talking and helping each other .

  3. Hey it’s hard isn’t it?! I made almost 20-odd days last month then fell off the wagon so I am REALLY early in my journey too & it’s f-ing difficult but try to remember how good you can feel booze-free (let’s motivate each other 😉!!)


      1. It’s only Day 9 this time round, want to beat my 20 days this time 😉 x I think the idea of all supporting each other is fab!

  4. I’m back after a good 2 and a half months silent too… finally ready to tackle this again. Day 2 today. Definitely into supporting each other! So hard to get real time under my belt.

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