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Is what covers my face today.  As I got entirely too drunk by myself yesterday.  Why do I do that?  I have no idea and I know I will regret it.  And yet I always convince myself to do it.  I have fallen hard off the wagon and it is only up to me to get back on.  No one else can make make me do it.  I know what I want – I want sobriety.  I want to experience life sober.  I want to look better, feel better, and improve my life.  A lot of positive changes are going to happen in my 26th year of life and I want that change to be part of it.  I do not NEED alcohol.  I choose to poison my body and it needs to stop.  So here it is – I am an alcoholic.  I have a very large problem.  And I am ready to not let that define me.  So here it is world – DAY 1. 

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