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Day 1 for the 457,098th time Continued

So today is starting to look up.  Especially given how low I was this morning I am not sure I could go anywhere other than up.  I decided to go back to the basics.  Went back to my most successful attempt of quitting drinking (15 days) and that all started with Unpickled.  So I re-read.  I also read Belle’s beginnings.  It gives me hope that these women went through what I am going through.  That this will all be worth it in the end!  Just have to stay strong, and not drink today.  And YES – I AM TIRED OF THINKING ABOUT DRINKING!

6 thoughts on “Day 1 for the 457,098th time Continued

  1. No-one ever said it would be easy (song lyrics, but fitting). You can do it honey! All these people in this community are rooting for you! Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again. Never quit quitting!

  2. We all know how hard this is. (Goodness knows I do!) The big thing for me is that you keep coming back. Take good care of yourself, be gentle, and get lots of rest and water.

    We’re all cheering for you! Also feel free to email me if you like.

  3. Do you have anyone to reach out to? I spent a lot of time emailing various people when I felt like drinking, and it really helped. Just having someone to say hey what do you think? If you need that, feel free to hit me up, I don’t have any great answers, but I am always around if you just need someone to talk to.
    You can do this.

  4. It gets easier as the weeks go on, that I can promise you. Hang in there, if you really want to stop drinking, you will when the time is right, dont be so hard on yourslef. Connect with your body and think of how it feels when alcohol is involved, it always feels better when you have a non alcoholic drink instead. 🙂

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