16 thoughts on “Chaos

  1. Day 1’s truly suck. Been there, done that. But, don’t be hard on yourself, m’dear. It happens. Take a deep breath, remember why you are doing this, gather what you learned this time and put it in your toolbox. Chin up, dust yourself off and try again 🙂 I know you can do it.

  2. I’ve had so many Day 1’s that I stopped counting. Don’t beat yourself up over it; it happens. One day it won’t. Just keep going until one day you realize you’ve done it (says the wise ol’ Day 9 chick LOL). I once did 3 years and then foolishly decided it was ok to drink again. It’s taken years to get me back here. We can do this!!!

  3. I’ve been having Day 1’s for about 4 years.It wasn’t until mid year 2013 that I REALLY started trying to get serious. No matter what I always come back. I’ve had more sober days in the past 6 months than I have had in 5 years combined. That IS progress and how these things must be measured.

    Treat yourself well today, eat healthy, get lots of water, and figure out what type of support you need.

    You can email me anytime if you want. 100daypledge at gmail.com

  4. I, too have had many times where I would say I was going to stop, and then just forgot that I said that. I used to go to this site called soberrecovery or something like that. It’s more of a forum type site, rather than blogging. I must have started and stopped in there a dozen times. I think now that I just wasn’t ready. And it wasn’t in my vocabulary to say no to a drink. Then, miraculously, something went click. I’m only on day 19 but like someone said above, it’s the longest I’ve gone without drinking for years and years. You can do it. The mere fact that you keep coming back here shows you are inching your way to sobriety. Don’t beat yourself up. You’ll get there. And you’re definitely not alone. I learn from you and from all the amazing bloggers in this community. Take care honey! xo Lauredann

    1. Thanks so much Lauredann! SO envious of your day 19! hopefully i can say that in 18 days, hahaha! I am so ready its ridiculous… its just a matter of DOING it. Mentally… i am so done.

  5. Glad you’re back. I had many day ones too, I know the feeling all too well. But you coming back and trying again shows willingness, and that’s huge! In my early days someone told me that all I had to make sure every single day was that I do not pick up a drink, just for that 24hs. And I don’t have to worry about anything else. I still use this method – I know that if I don’t pick up a drink, everyhting else will be fine.

    Hang in! Hugs.

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